Let your best customers become your brand ambassadors!

Are your customers showing off your products using Instagram to all their friends? If they are and you are not displaying these images on your website, you are missing a great marketing opportunity.

What’s the Opportunity?

To show new potential customers how current customers are enjoying your product! What better way to market your products by having existing customers be your product advocate!

Let Your Customers Do the Selling!

Your customers are using social media to promote your products, why not feature them on your website to show other potential customers how much they love your products!

Easily Integrate Instagram

Your customers are generating content and posting that content on Instagram. With just a couple of clicks, you can easily integrate user generated content with your e-commerce site and show all the images being shared by your customers. And don’t worry, you have the option to moderate all images before they are made public on your site to prevent any inappropriate pictures being displayed. Make your customers your brand champions!

Approved Instagram App!

Officially approved in May 2016, AuthentiPix is an officially approved Instagram app!

What AuthentiPix Customers are Saying

What a great App! and the support team is amazing! Extremely helpful and quick with responding back. I highly recommend the app, not to mention how great the app has made our website look! It's also a great tool for integrating our clients with our website and branding ourselves more with social media. Thank you 'Instagration Team' for all your help and keep up the good work!


Crazily amazing app. I do have the Instagram newsfeed installed in my theme, but it lacks the ability to approve pictures before they show up on my website. Instagration does it perfectly. The app is worth 5 stars and the customer service is worth 5 stars. Barranger is actually a life saver here. He went to my website and did every thing I need for me so quick.If the app can link the image to its original post, and show the hearts when people like it on Instagram. That would be awesome!

KOLOR KOLOR | The True Fashion Destination

A fantastic App that is easy to use and looks amazing. The customer support is incredible, they're quick to respond and helped me immensely, even making some changes for me which was super helpful!! Highly recommend.


This App is really great - it shows the company as recent which creates a good impression for customers.The customer support for the product is great - I was given help on increasing the size of the carousel - they even went in and did it for me. Thank you for your support and great product.

Wellington Square Bookshop

I added Instagration earlier today and had some questions about how to pick the images so they reflected my brand and product. Their support helped right away that I needed to search hashtags of my product not just the name itself and it worked. They also helped so I could get the photos added to my site exactly where I wanted it on my homepage. Definitely worth doing so people see you're on Instagram and you can choose to link to your Instagram account or your products page if you don't want to direct people away. Thanks!Dale www.savvysleepers.com

Savvy Sleepers luxury satin pillow cases for better hair & skin with the secret pocket

Love this app! Makes it very easy to share our instagram pics on our site in a fun, clean way! Customer service is quick to respond to emails and super helpful! Well worth the $10 a month

Vintage Charm

I LOVE Instagration! Its fresh look makes bringing social media to the pages of my website a natural choice. Installation was tricky at first, but with help from an Instagration expert, I had the app up in minutes. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and helping me improve my website!

Randi's Candi

LOVING INSTAGRATION! At Studio Manhattan, we find customer interaction with our products via social media is a very powerful marking tool. And as Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms, it was essential for us to have app that would allow us to feature customer Instagram photos on our site. Instagration has fufilled that need and beyond! The app is very user friendly and allows you to manually choose which photos feed onto your site, so as to keep unrelated posts out. It's inexpensive and effective; and therefore, we HIGHLY suggest this app!

Studio Manhattan

Loving Instagration! Adds a personable touch to our store. Engages our customers to make a purchase so that they can be featured on our website. Must have!

Mieux & Mieux

These guys rock! Superb service, fast and helpful, I highly recommend this app and look forward to the future updates! A great addition to any store :)

Walk Me This Way

Ready to let your customers sell your products!


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