Microsoft silver partnership


We attain the silver level in the Mircosoft (MSFT) partner program. Being affiliated with this program, allows us to build trust and credibility when talking to potential customers looking for a technology solution.

Second Harvest partnership

MARCH 2019

We begin our partnership with Second Harvest, starting with the Volunteer Connect. This project focuses on helping agencies who were previously unable to collect food with the platform, connect with a pool of volunteers who will do food pick-ups on their behalf.


JULY 2019

While working on Volunteer Connect, we notice the need to re-architect the current platform, to keep the system performant. By implementing more cloud components and leveraging the existing D365 and Power Platform backend, we begin the process of helping Second Harvest meet their goals of scaling nationally.

Microsoft gold partnership

JULY 2019

We attain the gold level in the MSFT partner program.

FoodRescue mobile app


We start working on a mobile app for Second Harvest's Food Rescue platform, leveraging parts of the new architecture for national scale.

COVID-19 pandemic

MARCH 2020

Covid-19 hits and all hell breaks loose. There is a 40% increase in demand for food from food insecure families. During this time, we work around the clock with Second Harvest to scale their legacy system across Canada, bringing more donors in to donate surplus food and helping agencies claim food for families in need. grant portal

APRIL 2020

Within a week  we develop and launch a grant portal based on the power platform and Survey Monkey, enabling Second Harvest  to distribute $4.5M in  federal funding  to  not-for-profits and charities for COVID-19 relief. rewrite

MAY 2020

We officially start  fully rewriting the platform, architecting and building a new foundation for the future.

mobile app launch

MAY 2020

The first version of the mobile app is launched making it easier for donors to sign-up and donate and expanding the reach of  the platform for agencies in the community.

impact awards finalist

JULY 2020

We hear that we are a finalist for the Canadian Microsoft IMPACT Awards in the category Social Impact.

partner of the year

JULY 2020

We get the fantastic announcement that we've won the Community Response Partner of the Year Award and the Partner of the Year finalist for the Social Impact award.

inspire keynote

JULY 2020

We’re features in Microsoft’s Inspire Keynote along with other award winners.

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