With Shipping Calculator Adder (SCA) out the door, and performing much better than expected, and with our next App about to go into beta, I figured it’s a good time to talk about how we see ourselves in terms of members of the Shopify App Store…

Do unto others…

One of the biggest things we push internally at 4MK Apps is to do business in the way that we want others to do business with us.

How this relates to SCA for example, is we refuse to take potential customers money, if we’re don’t provide them any value.  Approximately 12% of store owners who click the install button on our App, prepared to drop some of their hard earned money, already have the calculator installed.  I unfortunately know of a couple companies (don’t worry none who have Shopify Apps :) ) who would gladly see this as free money and send the “customer” on their way.  Personally I think that attitude is crap, and would never want to do business with anyone who thought differently.

Proactive Support

Another thing that we’ve been doing is actively reaching out to customers to make sure they are happy with SCA and fixing any problems they might have with it.

Normally within 24 hours, our customers receive an email from me asking how things wen’t and if they had any problems or suggestions.  If you have an app in the store and think you shouldn’t be doing this, I’d love to hear why.

No such thing as “Not my problem”

Do to the nature of this app (it really just installs the calculator created by Shopify), this can lead to some interesting problems where the issue lies outside of our realm.

Once such issue came up where there was a small bug in the code the calculator uses. Rather than state that it wasn’t our problem, we fixed the bug and sent a message to those who are maintaining it on how to fix the problem.

All in all, we’re extremely happy with both the App Store and those customers we’ve been able to chat with, and hope that it continues for some time now.

This post originally published at blog.4mkapps.com

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