Who is Redbit?

Top notch team to deliver your software products!

RedBit Development is a software consulting & design company focusing on delivering software products and solutions to help companies reach new audiences, drive/create revenue channels or increase brand awareness. We focus on learning about your business, studying your processes and determining where technology would be a good fit. Be it a mobile based solution, a web-based solution, design or an entire end to end system, our goal is to partner with your business to deliver results.

If you have a vision for your business or need an assessment of a project that has already been developed internally, working together we can bring your vision to reality.

Why Choose RedBit?

It’s a natural question to ask. Investing in software and technology is not a small cost. You need to be sure you are getting a return on your investment and that you are picking the right partner to help you achieve your goals.

So why should you choose RedBit?


If you want a company to come with the lowest estimates and quickest timelines to win the contract, then RedBit is not right for you. We want to be transparent about the effort it takes to provide a solution you will be happy with. During our discovery process, we spend time understanding your company, competitors and users. We work hard to figure out your needs and constraints to provide a realistic investment cost

Chunking it down

It’s easy to get carried away when creating new software for your business, we get that. But we also understand that it’s overwhelming for your employees and your purse strings, so we’ll help you prioritize on what needs to be built. We want to keep things in perspective so you can focus on what needs attention now and what can wait. We help companies shape their roadmap options so they can grow one step at a time

Using the right technology

Using the latest technology just for the sake of it is not our style. We know that you want reliable, well-tested technology; that performance and security are just as important as having a great user interface. We’ll provide you with an array of options and expertise on the right technology for your company

Sharing our knowledge

If you don’t want to know everything about the inner workings of your application, that’s absolutely fine. We’ll keep the technology talk simple and easy to understand. However, if you are a tech geek like some of us, we’ll be more than happy to share everything we do. We want you to walk away with all you need to maintain and grow the system yourself


We pride ourselves on being a creative group of guys and gals. Not only in our designs but also in our problem-solving skills and how we approach our day-to-day work. We are always aiming to improve how we develop our solutions and we love to share what we learn


We’re not perfect, and we don’t strive for it either. However, we do always work towards creating excellence for our partners. We know mistakes happen, and curveballs are often thrown into the mix, but we promise to make things work. It’s what we do. We rise to the challenge, and if we make errors, we’ll be honest with you and fix them

Working together

If you want a technology partner who you don’t hear from until the product is ready, then please look elsewhere. We work closely with our partners. It’s critical to the success of the project. We need you to be there like a proud parent watching your idea take shape. Tweaks will need to happen, but that’s the nature of software development. We don’t want you to waste your money getting something that does not deliver what you expect