The RedBit Discovery provides our customers with the means to make informed decisions. This process will help target the answers to your tricky questions. Working together, we will find solutions, insights and shape new ideas that work for you


Clarity through discussion

  • Expectations, priorities, and goals become clear, making it possible to create an effective project roadmap. With this, you can focus on what needs attention now and what can wait for later
  • Through clarity, we can ensure the right technology is selected. As well as more accurate the budgets and timelines

Working together

  •  Before spending large amounts of money on your tech partner, it is always good to have the opportunity to work together and see how the relationship plays out
  • If it doesn’t work out, you won’t lose. You can take the results of the Discovery process to another vendor

Maximize project potential

  •  The more insights you have up front, the higher the chance of project success. This allows you to nip some of those pesky issues in the bud before they become a problem

What we will do

Conduct customer and end user interviews

Review any relevant documentation

Spending time understanding current systems/process


Identify and clarify goals and high-level requirements

Provide high-level architectural designs and plans

Provide solutions and if needed a product roadmap

Identify technical feasibility and potential roadblocks to be addressed

Provide a solid estimate of work