Over the weekend I had a fantastic time presenting to the TechUnder 20 group and Sheridan College students about Getting Started With Xamarin Development using Visual Studio.


The goal of the session was not just about Xamarin but a ‘pre-hack’ for the HackHalton event, to get people exposed to Xamarin and what to expect at a hackathon.  We had sessions on

  1. Hackathons 101 by Fahad Buchh
  2. Getting Started with iOS and Android Development using Xamarin by Me (Mark Arteaga)
  3. Working with Datasets by Brett Gillet

Usually, I wouldn’t do a presentation about Xamarin to students because of the cost of the licensing, but with the recent acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft it just makes sense to start using it and leveraging it for your future career since everything is now free and included with Visual Studio Community Edition.

As for the session, we only had an hour and essentially only had time to go through a ‘Hello World’ or ‘File-New’ type demos. Goal was to get attendees familiar with the tools and what to expect so wasn’t as in depth as I would have liked.

So in absence of that, I promised to provide some extra resources which are listed below and categorized to get started with Xamarin and to help with the HackHalton hackathon.

RedBit Resources

  • RedBit’s Github Account – You will find some samples here that usually relate to articels we have written
  • Oakville Heritage Properties – Xamarin Forms app that leverages Oakville open data sets. It goes through opening and reading a file provided with data points. NOTE: it’s using an old version of Xamarin.Forms, I have not had time to upgrade it, but if you do, please feel free to make a pull request J

Xamarin Resources

Microsoft Resources

  • DotNet Foundation – a lot of things you can find here on projects that the foundation is working on. Xamarin products are now part of the .NET Foundation and pretty sure all licenses are MIT Licenses. Personally I’ve looked at Roslyn, Xamarin, ASP.NET in my spare time, more for curiosity than for customer projects.
  • Visual Studio Dev Essentials – Join this if you want to get some more free training from Pluralsight and some Windows Azure credits for a year.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy – and even some more free training including Xamarin getting started
  • Visual Studio Community Edition – Xamarin will be included in the Community Edition download.
  • Cross Platform Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio – This is an MVA I did with Microsoft in 2014. It’s old now, but you may find some useful nugets of information. It goes through Oakville Heritage Properties Open Data set. Be warned, it’s long and I’m not used to talking to a camera :)

Mobile Web  App Development Resources

One of the things I emphasized is if you are a web dev, there are tools out there for you also. I’m not focused on web dev other than backend APIs, but here is a list of tools I can think of

Can’t wait for the actual hackathon (I will be a judge) and see what people come up with!

Here is the presentation on Getting Started with iOS & Android Development Using Xamarin & Visual Studio:

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