In the previous article on Hacking for Missing Kids – Technology Overview we looked at the technology available for the system developed. This article will focus on how to clone the project to get ready for running it on the various platforms using Xamarin and Visual Studio. For reference here is the series of articles available

  1. Technology for Good
  2. Technology Overview
  3. Cloning the Project
  4. Running Xamarin App on iOS
  5. Running Xamarin App on Android
  6. Running Xamarin App on Windows
  7. Hockey App, Push Notifications & Wrap up

First thing we need to do is clone the repository which can be located here All other repos which are a total of six can also be found

The next sections assume you have

  1. Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition will be fine)
  2. Xamarin Tools Installed
  3. GitHub Extensions for Visual Studio
  4. A mac for building iOS app

With those pre-requisites in place we can first clone the project

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Click on the Manage Connection button in the Team Explorer dialog
  3. Under Local Git Repositories click on Clone and enter the following URL
  4. Click Clone and you should start cloning the repo
  5. Double click the newly cloned repo and you should be taken to the Home Page for the repo
  6. Double click the Solution to open it up in Visual Studio

At this point you can switch over to Solution Explorer (CTRL-W, S) and you should see all the projects and files available to you.

Next up we’ll look at how to get the code base deployed and running on iOS.

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