In the previous article on Hacking for Missing Kids – Cloning the Project we looked cloning the project from GitHub. Now that we have gone through an overview of the structure of the Xamarin app and cloning the project, we can go ahead and try to run it.

For reference here is the series of articles available

  1. Technology for Good
  2. Technology Overview
  3. Cloning the Project
  4. Running Xamarin App on iOS
  5. Running Xamarin App on Android
  6. Running Xamarin App on Windows
  7. Hockey App, Push Notifications & Wrap up

To run the Xamarin iOS version perform the following steps

  1. Right click on the IRIS.iOS project and click Set As Default
  2. Change the Solution Platform to iPhone Simulator
  3. Tap F5 or click the debug button in the tool bar to start debugging on iOS. You can also change the OS version and emulator to run it on from here

When the application runs, you should get the following


Type in the following for credentials

  1. Username: Admin
  2. Password: password
  3. Tap login to see the available cases

Once you login, you will be presented with the following list page and then details page


Some things to note:

  1. You need have a Mac setup with XCode and Xamarin on it to compile the iOS application
  2. You can use the simulator for iOS on Windows by seeing here

Next up we’ll look at how to get the code base deployed and running Android.

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