This past month I had the pleasure of presenting at Imagine Cup Camps talking to students about strategies for building for both Windows and Windows Phone. We also touched a little on how to use the same code to build for iOS and Android using Xamarin.

This is just a follow up post to the original post where I provide links to building cross platform but this post is more about showcasing some of the work that came of the camps and some apps that were developed as I always get excited when I see people create stuff in a weekend.

At the Kitchener event hosted by TriOS, we actually had two apps finished and submitted Flappy Burger and Miner Mayhem.

Here is a picture I took of Flappy Burger while it was in development


Some of the other apps created where

  • Devil Jump (platformer game)
  • Pick a Pearl
  • Math for Kids App
  • Paddle Ball/Wall ball
  • Undead Heroes – Squirrel Adventures
  • “Bat Cat Game”
  • Food Basket – Lazy Mans Shopping List
  • Coffee Run App – app to get a list of coffees to get

Here are some pictures from the event of the students presenting their work

Lots of great coding done over the events and great creativity from everyone who attended and excited to see what students dream up for Imagine Cup this year!

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