Our Process

The RedBit team will work closely with you in order to deliver the best possible product for your business


The RedBit team will determine the requirements for the project, development specifications and create user stories and notes from meetings between RedBit and Epicured Market. This will include questions on

1. Branding
2. Competitors
3. Inspiration
4. Analytics
5. Goals

RedBit uses JIRA Agile to manage the project and to track goals for the project. User Stories, requirements & tasks will be created in JIRA to manage the project.


After planning and determining business goals has been completed, RedBit will begin
1. User Experience Design
2. Interaction Design
3. Visual Designs
4. Branding
This will include the basic structure of the e-commerce site, page elements to focus on, user interaction (for example animations) and finally visual design.
Visual Designs can include custom illustrations, icons, branding, typography and custom photography. RedBit can use existing branding guidelines or can help customer develop a branding guidelines document.
During the design phase, the following documents can be delivered


1. Information Architecture Document – Defines the layout of the website and all possible pages
2. Wireframe Document – This will define the role and goal of each page, the arrangement of the elements to accomplish the goals and how the elements work together
3. Visual Designs – Once the above two documents are created, the RedBit Team will use existing branding provided by Epicured Market to craft a visually appealing software solution
4. Branding Guidelines Document – If a branding guidelines document is not provided, RedBit can work with customer to provide one but this is not required for RedBit to deliver any designs.


The RedBit team uses an Agile Scrum development process and all stories & tasks for project delivery would be created during the planning & design stages. With this in place, the RedBit team lead will create any additional development tasks required for the team to execute and build.
During this time, customer will have the ability to view the work in progress and can test on a weekly or daily basis depending on the projec


During the development phase, the RedBit team will do internal testing but will require customers to test internally for final sign off on various stages.
RedBit does not recommend testing the deliverables at the end of the project, but to allocate a person to test as development is in progress. A mechanism for submitting test results will be provided which will automatically be entered into the JIRA system.


Whether releasing the software in the Apple App Store, Google Play, deploying a web application or e-commerce site, RedBit provides two options
1. Self-Launch
2. Assisted Launch
With Self-Launch, RedBit will hand over software and Epicured Market to manage the launching of the software.
With Assisted Launch, the RedBit team will work with Epicured Market teams by taking a more hands on approach by helping to gather feedback, monitor performance and gather any other analytic data required for the project.