This upcoming May 16-17 2014, RedBit is sponsoring and helping to run the Microsoft //publish/ satellite event in Toronto in conjunction with Mark Arteaga and Atley Hunter.

What is //publish/? It’s essentially an event where you bring your existing Windows or Windows Phone apps + games and we’ll help you overcome the final blockers to optimizing, completing and publishing your app. //publish/ is a global event taking place with 60+ locations and Toronto being one of the satellite locations. We will be live streaming sessions being held by Microsoft at our event and will even have local experts on hand to get you across the finish line!


Be sure to checkout www.torontopublishwindows.com for details on to local Toronto event and if you are not in Toronto, checkout the global event site for a location near you.


And special thanks to Project Spaces in Toronto and Co-Founder Neil Martin who is helping us with space for the event. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for co-working space, they have two locations in the Toronto area and will be starting up a third.


If you want to learn more about the Windows platform before coming to //publish/, make sure you checkout DVLUP Days hosted by Atley Hunter that is happening the weekend of May 10 2014. There are prizes to be had there and some the RedBit team will also be there!

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