We have been offering Instagration for Shopify customers for the past few years. Six months ago, Instagram changed their API Policy affecting all apps using the Instagram APIs and on June 1 these policy changes will take effect.

At RedBit we took this as an opportunity to re-write the product to allow us to add more features requested by users. We also took this as an opportunity to rebrand to a new name


One of the most significant changes you will see is you have to connect your Instagram account with AuthentiPix. We have also made lots of changes to the user interface.

If you are an existing Instagration user, the next time you log into the system you will be taken to a migration wizard. This wizard will migrate you from the old system to the new one. We will bring all your campaigns and images over to AuthentiPix automatically. If you decide to not migrate, all your images and campaigns will still work, but you will not be able to approve new images for your campaigns. If you do go through the migration, everything should be smooth transition, but if something goes wrong, our support team is available for help.

This is only the first wave of changes and with these new changes we are in a better position to bring you some new features to help drive sales for your e-commerce stores. You can look forward to a lot of new features coming to AuthentiPix! Have a Shopify Store front then go ahead and install it and try it out!

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