With our recent announcement on changes happening at RedBit we discussed two of our technology partners including Shopify and Microsoft.

Today I’m happy to announce that RedBit is now a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner.  Being a Xamarin Partner allows us to continue building our team skillset with Xamarin, building our relationship with the Xamarin team and continue to deliver our customers solutions using the Xamarin toolset.

Authorized Partner Logo

We have built our own products using Xamarin and have built products for other customers using Xamarin for both iOS and Android.  Using Xamarin as a tool of choice makes sense for our customers as they want to target as many mobile platforms as possible but budget constraints don’t allow them to.  Using Xamarin, we can reduce development & support costs by leveraging code across the various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone allowing our customers to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

We at RedBit are really excited to continue to build out solutions for our customers using the Xamarin tools but we continue to build product and solutions using the Shopify platform and Microsoft technology such as Windows Azure.  Adding Xamarin to our tools will help us build successful end to end products across all platforms including mobile and web.


Our goal at RedBit is to help customers be successful with their software products.  Whether that success means creating new revenue streams or targeting new demographics, using and partnering with the right technology partners is a key part to success.  Looking at building something new, be sure to contact us and let’s talk.

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