Our founder and President, Mark Arteaga was invited by Xamarin University to deliver some technical workshops at Evolve 2016. Evolve is a great place to learn about using Xamarin but it’s much more. It’s an event where developers and leaders in the mobile space get together to learn and network. The Xamarin team does a great job on this event inviting key leaders to share insights, ideas and experiences. The presentation below entitled: The Mobile Mindshift by Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester is a must watch presentation.

Some key takeaways from Julie’s presentation include:

  • The introduction of the mobile mindshift and “mobile moment”. The make it or break it chance you have with your customers. How mobile is changing customer engagement models.
  • An overview of the IDEA (Identify, Design, Engineer and Analyze) methodology
  • Case studies where enterprises shifted their businesses and business models using mobile

We’ve added a timeline below so you can time-shift to key areas in Julie’s presentation.

07:00 | Julie takes the stage after an introduction from Stephanie Schatz, SVP Sales and Customer Success, Xamarin

08:00 | Mobile’s beginnings: Palm Top with Lotus Notes!

08:37  | Julie’s big moment in mobile and why it is having greater impact than the Internet

09:57 | What is the “mobile mindshift” and the three ways mobile has changed consumers expectations

11:40 | How is mobile changing customer engagement models? Time and context drive use cases and “mobile moments”

13:46 | How the “mobile moment” is the next battleground for enterprises to engage with customers, consumers and employees

14:45 | What are the opportunities that exist for enterprises who deploy mobile products and solutions? Julie provides real world case examples on: 1) Improving sales efficiency (15:07); 2) Altering the economics of services delivery and costs (16:26); 3) Detach service delivery from physical location (17:26); 4) Enhance file service operations (18:25); 5) Monitoring equipment remotely (19:19); 6) Scaled coaching (20:14) and 7) Changing business models (21:21)

22:05 | Mastering the “mobile mindshift” and Forrester’s IDEA cycle: The business discipline for mobile

25:03 | Systems of record vs. systems of engagement. This section is a must watch for anyone involved in developing and planning enterprise mobile strategies, business and technology frameworks, architecture and infrastructure.

25:22 | The “atomization of APIs” to access your data and processes; mobile steering committees, and analytics.

26:18 | An “app” is not a mobile strategy + five key challenges facing enterprises transitioning to a becoming a mobile business. What do these challenges mean for you and what should you do?

31:17 | What’s the future look like? How will mobile evolve?

This post was produced by a member of the RedBit team.

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