It’s been a while since we have posted to our blog, almost 2yrs, and things have been looking a little stale and dated.  Two years is a long time especially in the tech world but there are few changes that have happened over the years and recently to RedBit. First you will notice a new website and design, but additional to the website, there are also some other changes and additions happening.

New Partner

After three years of working with RedBit, Barranger Ridler will be coming onboard as a Partner at RedBit continuing to do what he does best, building and creating software. His role will be helping lead our product development and continue to help deliver custom software products to our customers.

RedBit Branding

The original RedBit logo is a good 4 years old. The original logo was good for it’s time but but thought with all the changes, would be a good time to update the branding.


This new branding will be through out the site and will be implementing this within some of our products that we have available.

New Technologies

During these past two years we have been busy with various projects using a wide variety of technologies on different platforms. We have expanded our technology coverage to things such as NodeJSMongoDBAndroidiOS and Xamarin on top of our regular Microsoft technologies such as Windows Phone, Windows 8, ASP.NET MVC etc.


On the back end side of things we have worked on HerokuAWS and Windows Azure (with our preference being windows Azure) and we have released a few things on the Windows Azure platform such as Social Cloud.


New Industry Partners

On the partner side, we continue to be a Microsoft Partner and continue to deliver Microsoft based solutions.  One of the new industry partners we have added is Shopify  where we focus on design, development and customization of Shopify stores.


Lots of changes happening at RedBit and we’ll be announcing more soon. All these changes are a good thing and it will just help us deliver better products and services to our existing customers and new customers. Need to get a software product built or need to enhance and existing one, contact us and we’ll see how we can help. We look forward to working with you!

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