This past weekend RedBit had the opportunity to Sponsor the Toronto Global Game Jam where over 150 developers, designers and game inventors got together to create some great games. There were people creating digital games but there were also people creating physical board games and one group was also inventing a card game.

We had a team of 8 including myself but my role was more advising and mentoring. The goal was to build a game along this theme

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

So our team decided on (after a long team dinner trying to decipher the theme) building Boombots described as follows

A local multiplayer battle arena with robots wielding boomerangs! You and your boomerangs can only pass through terrain of the same color as your robot so be careful! It is a battle of both skill and memory as you try to navigate the battle arena while keeping a watchful eye on your enemies!

Here is the team creating the game

After a weekend of coding the game was designed, developed and demoed on the Sunday. Here are some screenshots

Overall it was a great weekend and all source code can be downloaded here. I also got into the coding (couldn’t resist) and built a simple level builder which can be downloaded here.

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