At RedBit we build software for various customers in various verticals. Every so often we build software that we open source to the community to use however they please, whether that is to learn from the source code or to to take that source code to use for a commercial venture. Such is the case with the Windows 8 App Templates we released almost a year ago.

The other day I got an email from a student at UBC in Vancouver who successfully used the templates to build his own Windows 8 apps to deploy to the store. Best part is he used it to try and generate some revenue by selling the products.

Dear Mark,

It’s Bardia again, a student from UBC in Vancouver. I just wanted to share with you the results of my work on your Finder Template.
Using Bing API, I have developed two apps:

I would highly value any feedback you would have as a Microsoft MVP. Please feel free to contact me.
Best regards,

I did send Bardia my feedback but wanted to share his success story and how he took the software, learned from it, built on top of it and published to the Windows Store. If you used the Windows 8 App Templates comment below or email us to let us know, happy to share your stories and success! And be sure to checkout our GitHub account, we regularly post some code there.

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