Xamarin App Kickoff

This package is your shortest path to app success. This engagement will get your project launched on the right trajectory and smooth the rest of the development cycle. We will help you set up a CI pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio App Center so you can continuously deliver app updates. At the end of the kick-off process, you will have a framework for shipping an amazing mobile application, an architecture injected with best practices and a working prototype integrated with your DevOps pipeline.

What’s the cost?

For the Mobile App kick-off, a $12,000 budget is required plus travel & accommodation expenses.

Duration: 2 – 5 days 

What’s Included?

One of our senior developers will come onsite for 4 days to:

  • Provide guidance in setting up your Xamarin app
  • Setup a DevOps lifecycle using VSTS and VSAppCenter
  • Determination on Xamarin Forms or Xamarin Classic
  • Architectural recommendations for mobile app
  • Code sharing best practices
  • Proof of concept work for challenges specific to your project
  • Opportunities for optimization of existing code

Who needs the Xamarin Mobile App Kickoff?

This package is ideal for projects with 4 or more developers with exposure to Xamarin development. The mobile app can be starting from scratch or with significant code repurposed for mobile from another application. Application flows and visual designs are usually a good idea.

It is recommended that developers have gone through Xamarin University training or taken our on-site Xamarin University Training.

Xamarin Inflight Review

During the development process, an Inflight Review helps your team identify and resolve issues affecting your app’s success. An experienced RedBit mobile architect and developer performs a code review to validate that mobile app best practices are being followed and uncovers opportunities for performance and memory optimization.

What’s the cost?

For the Mobile App In-flight review, a $1500/day budget is required plus travel and accommodation expenses if we are required on site.

Duration: 1 – 3 days 

What’s Included?

One of our senior developers will work remotely or on-site with your team from 1-3 days to:

  • Review of your application code and architecture
  • Memory and performance identification
  • Recommendations for optimization of existing code
  • Identification of and recommendations for resolving performance bottlenecks
  • Assistance isolating crashes

Who needs the Xamarin Inflight Review?

The Inflight Review is ideal for projects that are in progress and have code running on iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin. The project can be started from scratch or a complex cross-platform application running on both platforms.

Xamarin Lightning Consultation

If you need only a couple of hours of help, RedBit offers mini consultations for mobile projects during normal business hours. These are great for getting help with a thorny coding problem, a small task taking less than one day, like binding a native library to C#, or to help you overcome a problem that’s blocking your development.

Price: Please contact us

Duration: 2 – 6 hours 

What’s Included?

We will match you with a Xamarin Premier Developer Partner who will work with you over Skype, phone or video-conferencing to resolve specific questions or issues prepared in advance.

Boost your development productivity and app success with Lightning Consultations.

Who needs a Lightning Consultation?

Any developer or team who needs quick access to Xamarin experts for specific issues with an app in development. Lightning Consultations are not well-suited as a kickoff to an app project or as a major code review.

Xamarin University Developer Training

Do you have a development team that builds on the .NET platform? Looking to start a mobile project for iOS and Android and want to leverage your teams .NET experience? Let one of our Xamarin Certified University Trainers get your team up to speed on the Xamarin platform and deliver your products faster!

As a Xamarin University Training Partner, we will use the official Xamarin University training curriculum and provide the courses in person. As a value-add, we will first asses the needs of your project and asses which courses would be most beneficial for your team to be successful and also create custom content if required.

What’s Included?

One of our trainers will work on-site for 5 days to help your team get ramped up on Xamarin. We use the official Xamarin University content and hands-on labs but we deliver it in person. We will work with you to pick which content makes sense depending on your teams experience level.

Who’s Teaching?

  • Xamarin Certified Professional
  • Experience building and deploying apps to both the Apple Store and Google Play Store
  • Using Xamarin since 2011
  • 20 years of development experience
  • Xamarin Certified Trainer
  • Experience building software for startups and enterprises

Who needs Xamarin University Training?

Xamarin University Training is ideal for companies that have internal development teams with .NET and C# experience.

What’s the cost?

Xamarin university content will be delivered on site by RedBit certified trainer.
A $2,000 per student budget is required, plus travel and accommodation expenses. There is a minimum of 7 students with a maximum of 15.
An offsite option is also available within the Toronto, Ontario area.
We can coordinate training facilities, at an additional cost determined at the time of signing.
Students must provide their own laptops and must be set up before training.