Had a great time putting together Xamarin Dev Days and wanted to follow up with some thanks and resources for devs to keep learning about Xamarin development.

First off thanks to RedBit for feeding all attendees (can’t learn & code on an empty stomach!) and RedBit team for helping support putting together the event. Second thanks to HackerYou, not only do the provide amazing people to hire (we have hired 3 grads) but they also provide a great space for dev events like we did. And third thanks to Xamarin (Microsoft) for helping us co-ordinate everything with attendees.

Would also like to thank the speakers who came as far as London (Ontario :) and Seattle to spend the day. On site we had

  1. Myself – Microsoft MVP, Xamarin University Trainer & CEO RedBit
  2. Tom Walker – Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP & Consultant
  3. Lori Lalonde – Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP & Consultant
  4. James Montemagno – Principal Program Manager – Microsoft/Xamarin

Always great presenting together with Tom and Lori, and it was my first time presenting with James, if you need to know anything technical about Xamarin, talk to James or just go through his GitHub repos … you will definitely use them in your Xamarin projects!

And finally thanks to all the attendees who took time away on a Saturday to spend the day with us. Reconnected with some old friends like Rob Lim, meet some new friends like Allan Ritchie (who also has an impressive GitHub repo) and Dave Wood who is an ObjectiveC/Swift developer.

Here are some images from the event

So if you want to continue learning here are some resources.

If I have missed any feel free to comment and I will update. And don’t forget RedBit is hiring!

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