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NexgenRx, Inc is a Canadian provider of health benefit plans, that uses technology to help their users manage their benefits and policies. As part of their strategy to use technology to answer the needs of their clients, NexgenRx worked with RedBit to upgrade their member web portal.


NexgenRx Web Portal




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NexgenRx created the member portal to help users submit claims, track the status of claims and review their plan coverage. Built to work on Internet Explorer 6, they were aware that browser preferences had evolved with their user base.
Both NexgenRx and their users were frustrated at how incompatible the portal was with newer browsers and devices such as Apple iPads. Consequently, not enough members were utilizing the portal. Instead, users were calling the company support line, tying up support resources, and increasing call centre costs.


To continue to bring value to their customers, NexgenRx had to release a new version of the member portal to an enterprise-grade modern web application that supported the latest browsers and devices. They approached us as a partner to help them do it.

NexgenRx decided to work with us and embark on a short but intensive discovery phase, applying system thinking and problem-solving principles during our review of the portal, its users, and the business impact.

Based on the findings, NexgenRx chose to have us rebuild the entire web portal from the ground up using modern web standards and supporting various browsers and mobile devices. The new system would integrate with their internal infrastructure to give claim and policy information to their users and reduce the burden on the call centre.

The project was delivered using an agile development process, where we were responsible for heading up product management, UI/UX design, development, testing and deployment.

Impact and Benefits

The new portal was a success, garnering praise from NexgenRx for its fresh, modern appearance, and upgraded functionality. It proved to be a valuable asset to both customers and the business in several ways:


Now accessible from any device, the member portal was also compatible across major modern internet browsers including; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. This gave NexgenRx users the ability to access their information anywhere, anytime.

Fewer support calls.

NexgenRx call centres have since received 35% fewer calls about claim statuses, and policy coverage. With fewer support calls into the call center, agents are able to focus on more complex cases that are called in.

Increased member portal usage.

There was a marked increase in the usage of the member portal with a record number of almost 4,000 logins in the span of two weeks. As well as over 94,000 unique sessions within the same period.

Moving On To The Next Success

Due to the strong collaboration between us and NexgenRx, the rebuilding of the member portal was a great success. With the feedback received from users, NexgenRx has decided to continue working with us, building on the success of the launch and developing new features for the member portal which includes submitting a claim online and uploading of digital receipts for claims.

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