Security Services

Every organization needs to adopt digital technologies.

With that, every organization needs to think about security, identify risks and remediate security issues before malicious actors exploit them!

Unsecure applications can pose a serious threat to businesses and be a risk to the security of end users.

This is where RedBit can help!
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End Customers

End Users

SaaS companies need to keep security top of mind when building products in order to ensure customer trust and data privacy.

Cyber criminals


They are out there constantly looking to exploit vulnerable systems and are often several steps ahead of the industry. It is critical to discover and remediate these organizational risks and exposures before they land in the wrong hands.



Depending on which region you operate in or sell software in, you need to comply with various government regulations and security regulations such as HIPAA or PIPEDA.

How Can RedBit Help?

RedBit has built countless software applications both on premises and in the cloud for organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporate enterprises with security built into software development practices.

Along with this knowledge, we have years of industry experience in penetration testing to better identify existing flaws in your applications and provide thorough technical and strategic recommendations.

Application Pentesting

Web & mobile applications play a role in almost all organizations. Learn more how RedBit can help assess, discover vulnerabilities and provide remediations to fix your current software applications.

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Azure Security Assessments

If you have built cloud products using Microsoft Azure, did you think about security from the start? If not you are at risk of exposing organization or customer data. Learn more on how RedBit can help lock down your Azure cloud environments.

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