RedBit Announced as a Co-winner of the Innovator of the Year at the 2021 Channel Innovation Conference and Awards

Channel Innovation Awards 2021 honoured outstanding innovation and Canadian organizations that provide exceptional customer value.

Burlington, Ontario
April 29, 2021

The Innovator of the Year award recognizes an initiative or a solution that helped a partner or client succeed in an extraordinary fashion. RedBit is honoured to be recognized in the Innovator of the Year category along with Clear Concepts and Compugen Inc. RedBit’s winning work was with Canada’s largest food rescue organization, Second Harvest which saw them scale their Food Rescue platform nationally to ensure that those in need of food during this pandemic could be reached. The awards are organized by Channel Daily News (produced by IT World Canada).

“We are thrilled to win the Innovator of the Year award and being recognized for all the hard work the RedBit team has done and continues to do with Second Harvest for such an important cause and help meet the vision of No Waste, No Hunger,” said Mark Arteaga, President of RedBit Development. 

RedBit successfully enabled Second Harvest to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately, to drive greater societal impact. Thanks in large part to RedBit's ability to help the non-profit organization quickly scale using Microsoft Azure and launch a mobile app integrated with Power Platform and Dynamics 365, Second Harvest’s Food Rescue App has made major strides in their goal of ‘No Canadian Left Behind’. 

“The hard work of the two teams (RedBit and Second Harvest) throughout this pandemic has been inspiring to see. Being able to leverage technology to do good, in this example get food to those who needed, it is why we are in this business,” said Hazel van der Werken-Small, Head of Operations & Customer Success of RedBit.

From March 2020 till March 2021, Second Harvest Food Rescue has rescued 6,302,343 lbs of food, provided 6,301,487 meals to communities, rescued $ 17,652,228 worth of food, averted 19,201,909 lbs of Greenhouse gases, added 1,182 new food business partners, and 1,475 new non-profit partners. With RedBit’s help, Second Harvest witnessed an astonishing increase of 334% in the amount of food donated and provided to communities in need.  

About RedBit 

RedBit Development is a software consulting, design and engineering company focused on delivering solutions that help companies and non-profits reach new audiences, reduce costs, and increase impact. Its strategy is to align technology solutions with an organization’s mission to increase the productivity and efficiency of an organization. RedBit takes the time to learn about the inner workings of an organization’s goals and needs to determine where technology would be the best fit. 

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About Second Harvest 

Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and expert in perishable food recovery, committed to safe food transportation, storage, and access. Every year food rescue expands to include more farms, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. They work with hundreds of businesses across the food supply chain, reducing the amount of edible food going to waste, which in turn stops millions of pounds of greenhouse gases from damaging our environment. The food Second Harvest recovers is redirected to social service organizations and schools, ensuring people have access to the good food they need to be healthy and strong. Second Harvest is a global thought leader and continually innovates processes and shares methods, to create a better future for everyone. For more information visit


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