RedBit Helps Second Harvest Scale To Aid COVID-19 Relief

RedBit is helping Second Harvest scale to facilitate the newly formed Food Rescue Canadian Alliance Task Force!

Burlington, Ontario
March 27, 2020

RedBit announced today an expanded partnership with Second Harvest, focused on effectively scaling the platform to help facilitate the increased demand for food donations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue organization, announced on March 19th the launch of the Food Rescue Canadian Alliance (FRCA) Task Force. The FRCA is a national network that will support food redistribution efforts across the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Task Force will work to make food available to organizations and reach populations that are in acute need. Members include businesses like Loblaw Co. Ltd. and Sysco, and charities like Breakfast Club of Canada, Salvation Army and food banks. is the tool being used to manage the centralization of need and support for the FRCA.

RedBit has helped Second Harvest revamp to facilitate the increased number of donations due to the COVID-19 crisis. is a free, easy-to-use donation platform that connects businesses that have food to donate to non-profit organizations that feed people in need. RedBit is working with Second Harvest to mobilize immediately to be able to support the capacity of food recovery and distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. allows food donors and nonprofits to coordinate donations with minimal interaction, abiding by the social/physical distancing recommendations.

“As the entire world navigates this crisis, it is our duty and obligation to help those around us who are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.” expressed Mark Arteaga, President, RedBit. “This impact, unfortunately, will be felt for months to come, and we as a society, community, and human beings need to pull together to help the world pull through this. Food will play a major role, and working with Second Harvest and all donors will help communities throughout Canada pull through this crisis.”

Led by Second Harvest, the Task Force consists of national leaders and includes collaboration between the food industry, non-profits, and the Federal government. RedBit, Second Harvest, and the FRCA will work together to support tens of thousands of community food programs across the country who are struggling to access food for their program participants.

"Second Harvest is grateful to offer, to charities and business during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technical solution allows food to get to the people that need it most right across Canada," says Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel. "None of this would be possible without RedBit, our software solutions partner who has shown exceptional professionalism and dedication. They have understood and reacted to our needs for aggressive scaling flawlessly without any interruptions to our business."

About RedBit

RedBit Development is a software consulting, design and engineering company focused on delivering solutions that help companies and nonprofits reach new audiences, reduce costs, and increase impact. Its strategy is to align technology solutions with an organization’s mission to increase the productivity and efficiency of an organization. RedBit takes the time to learn about the inner workings of an organization’s goals and needs to determine where technology would be the best fit.

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About Second Harvest

Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and expert in perishable food recovery, committed to safe food transportation, storage and access. Every year food rescue expands to include more farms, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. They work with hundreds of businesses across the food supply chain, reducing the amount of edible food going to waste, which in turn stops millions of pounds of greenhouse gases from damaging our environment. The food Second Harvest recovers is redirected to social service organizations and schools, ensuring people have access to the good food they need to be healthy and strong. Second Harvest is a global thought leader and continually innovates processes and shares methods, to create a better future for everyone. For more information visit

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