Automating Business Processes with Low Code - Real World Example

April 28, 2022

Mark Arteaga

A while a go I wrote about what is low code and no code and some history behind it, some tools and how to leverage in your organization.

There has been a lot of talk on low code and no code tools since I originally wrote about it, and as a “traditional code” agency building web and mobile apps, we have embraced low code tools such as Power Automate, Zapier, Integromat (now to automate business processes for ourselves and clients.

Recently, the RedBit team (myself and Anja Gusev) was invited to do a session along with Veronica Summerhill of Second Harvest, April Dunnam and Bruno Capuano of Microsoft on how Power Automate was leveraged to reduce a process that took the Second Harvest support team 40 hours a month to manage manually down to 8 hours a month.

Missed Donation - Power Automate Flow for Second Harvest

All integrated with the Second Harvest Food Rescue platform built with traditional code by the RedBit team but augmented with low code to allow Second Harvest team to add and change business processes as they change within the organization.

Want to learn more on a real world example?

Be sure to register for the Saving 2000lbs of food being wasted monthly via a Low-Code / No-Code solution as part of the Microsoft’s Developer Digital Meetup Tour. There will be a live Q&A at the end and everyone will be available to answer your questions! We hope to see you there!

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