Breaking the Stereotype: My Journey as a Woman in Tech

September 9, 2020

Anupriya Karmakar

Back in college, as a young student of English Literature, I would have never imagined a career in the technology industry. This space always intimidated me. In my defence, it used to be an area that was dominated by men and there were few to none to inspire me to consider tech as a viable career option.

Twelve years later, I am leading the marketing efforts for RedBit, a software consulting, design and engineering company. In fact, when I was offered the opportunity at RedBit I was excited yet nervous. However, when I looked back at my conversations with the team during the interview, I only remembered how welcoming they were. Besides their warm nature and professionalism, their impactful work in the community reaffirmed my decision to join the organization.  

Although quite early since I joined the team, my experience has been wonderful working with RedBit because:

  • The team trusts my capabilities in marketing and have made me feel a part of them from the word go
  • As a woman and a new Canadian, I am fortunate to be a part of a diverse team that supports inclusivity and sharing of ideas freely
  • The societal impact RedBit has made with its technological solutions is incredible and am excited to tell their story

Landing a job with RedBit has restored my faith in my capabilities as a marketing professional in tech irrespective of my gender or where I come from. I have a long way to go but if I had to share the top three learnings based on my experience as a woman in tech, those would be:

  • Tech is not about gender: There are many inspirational women in tech and this is just the beginning of an era of having more women in this field. As women, we need to have faith in ourselves and let our work do the talking. Technologists like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Amy Hood of Microsoft and Gwynne Shotwell of SpaceX have helped change the face of technology and paved the way for future women in tech.
  • Team over gender: It is upsetting that many women are still not given their dues, especially when it comes to promotions or leadership roles. That is why, it is important we choose a team that supports our growth irrespective of our gender. Working in a team or under a leadership that is invested in our success is important. We should feel empowered to share our ideas and suggestions without any judgement.  
  • The power of sisterhood: We need to help each other. Especially, those who are new to tech and need to feel supported. It is important to break the stereotype that women do not support other women and that women cannot succeed in tech. I believe every woman has superpowers; collectively we can make an impact. It is also important to inspire the next generation of technologists and make young girls believe that tech is a viable career option for them to thrive and succeed.

Changes in gender disparity at workplace are already taking place, especially in tech. Thanks to some incredible women leaders who are working relentlessly towards it. With our efforts, no matter how small, let us pledge to pick the baton from them. Good times are ahead for us, only if we become the change.

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