Building a Grant Portal for Second Harvest

Soumya Gupta


April 8, 2020

Building a Grant Portal for Second Harvest

RedBit has done it again! In under a week, our dedicated team has expedited our process to build a grant portal to aid smaller nonprofits and soup kitchens. Using D365, Custom Web application and Power Platform App to build the portal, the organizations in need can now access and receive the support they need in these difficult times. With this $4.5 million grant Second Harvest recently received from the federal government they can grow their mission of no waste, no hunger and we are so proud to be a part of that!

Leveraging technology so no Canadian goes hungry

With the adoption of the Power Platform and Dynamics CRM and the ongoing work RedBit is doing with, RedBit was able to quickly extend the functionality to manage grants for agencies to augment the manual process to done by the Second Harvest grant management team.  

RedBit was able to build a custom grant portal, integrated with the existing REST APIs which integrates with the power platform. Agencies have an end to end experience to apply for the grant and get details on grant status via the grant portal.

With this being a quick build to meet the needs of Second Harvest, RedBit will work with the Second Harvest grant team and agencies to iterate on the custom software and using features such as Power Automate.

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