How to move forward with cloud migration, despite the resistance?

February 4, 2022

As an organization that is on its path to growth, it’s imperative for you to move your workloads to the cloud. It will not only add value to your operational efficiency but also give you a competitive edge.

Often organizations are resistant to this process – understandably so because of moving something into the unknown, especially when things have been working just fine for those that have been using legacy technology that go 10/20+ years back. Moving to the cloud is your organization’s first step towards achieving operational efficiency, driving competitive advantage and enhancing customer experience. The key is to have everyone in the organization onboard, including the leadership and have them convey a clear message to their teams about the benefits of adopting the cloud and create an environment that encourages being open to changes.

Here are a few things you could do:

Identify the resistance: It’s not just about an old technology but also a mindset. There must be a need to leverage what the cloud brings and the enthusiasm to integrate cloud software or services into the core operations of your business. Encouraging others to see the benefits it will bring and allowing them to be a part of the change will go a long way in ensuring the success of such an undertaking.

Hire talent with cloud experience. This is a long-term strategy and you cannot just flip your workforce overnight, particularly when there are technology experts who are indispensable to your organization. Companies that are more successful with regards to cloud adoption have top-level resources who can support the move.

Create a plan: Planning is important as it helps break the whole process down into manageable tasks. Outline the expertise, tools, and resources you will need to get started.

Small steps, big wins: To lessen the fear and to speed up the process of adoption, begin with the lift and shift of workloads in small chunks. This would help introduce the benefits of the cloud while maintaining the older tech for sometime.

Encourage business units to adopt the cloud: Get departments like sales & marketing to fully understand the advantages of moving to the cloud. Talk to them about the huge benefits they could derive from using the algorithms and analytics available through the cloud. Put forth a compelling vision of what the cloud is and how it’s going to help them. Compile some statistics and data if you need to be able to convince the skeptical individuals. Teams should be able to see their own success by adopting the cloud - how it could increase their productivity, boost revenue, and help them make faster and informed decisions.

Work with a tech partner (that you can trust): A successful cloud adoption happens when an organization has the confidence and the expertise to make the move. Your organization may not have cloud experience (and that’s perfectly fine!). That’s where an expert can help you with the process.

A partner/vendor comes in to fill in the gaps within your company and help you with the cloud migration process – from the planning stage to execution.

An effective cloud adoption cannot happen unless the technology, culture and resources of an organization are on the same page. Once your organization is committed to moving to the cloud, every individual should adopt a cloud-first strategy. Every decision — from technology, business operations, sales & marketing to finance should be based on a cloud-first strategy.

If you are looking to get help with moving to the cloud, talk to us. We would love to know you, your business and discuss how it can realize its true potential by adopting the cloud.

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