Insurance Claims Just Got Easier With nexmobile

December 13, 2019

Elizabeth Plouffe

Insurance Claims Just Got Easier

The success of the NexgenRx on made it easy to see that it made sense to bring the mobile version up to date as well. We were delighted to work with NexgenRx again to make this happen. An increasing focus on providing excellent customer service means that mobile access must be as robust for use, scale and modification as possible.

With frequent updates to the Android and iOS platforms, it was vital that the NexgenRx mobile app was able to be quickly and efficiently updated. The previous version had some challenges in this area. Based on user feedback, NexgenRx quickly realized they needed to make changes to avoid the crashing and freezing which was occurring on the previous version. The new version launched July 2019 and has already received very positive feedback from users.


Through researching the user feedback as well as utilizing competitor analysis and working closely with the NexgenRx team, RedBit was able to determine the key goals for the project. These included:

  1. Improve the user interface and user experience
  2. Reduce the amount of training and onboarding required for users
  3. Create a seamless experience on the Android and iOS platforms
  4. Reduce and smooth out the current heavy processes to run the app

With these goals as the foundation for the development plan, NexgenRx was confident that their organizational goals of having a mobile platform they could white label and scale, would be achievable.

Impact and Benefits


With an updated platform, ongoing maintenance and fast response time from the RedBit team, the NexgenRx mobile app will be able to deliver a consistent and smooth user experience.

Customer Experience

Immediate positive feedback from NexgenRx users demonstrates that the iteration of the mobile app has addressed the users concerns and created an open dialogue for future suggestions.


To meet future goals of user scalability and white labeling, the app is completely adaptable and able to meet the needs of organizations who could benefit from a tool such as NexgenRx.

Client Feedback

”“Working with RedBit has been a fantastic experience. This is the second major project they have completed for us. They understand our business and really listened during our conversations to try and figure out what was best for the NexgenRx mobile app, platform and our customers.” says Ron Loucks, CEO and Founder of NexgenRx. “This latest upgrade is exactly what we needed to pursue greater opportunities for customizing and white labeling the NexgenRx platform.”

Ron LoucksFounder, President and CEO, Nexgen Rx

”“Implemenation of the NexgenRX platform and has put us leap years ahead of our competition!”

Nexgen Rx platform customer

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