Microsoft Teams: Work better together

July 27, 2021

Anupriya Karmakar

Communicating and collaborating virtually have become a way of our lives. The best way to bring teams together while staying apart is to have a tool that is reliable, easy-to-use and offers features that helpincrease efficiency and productivity.

At RedBit, we heavily rely on Microsoft Teams – our trusted online space to connect, work and share. Be it for conducting meetings, sharing files, or hosting events, or simply connecting over a virtual coffee or team lunch, Teams is our go-to platform to communicate with our coworkers in a fast and secured way.

From serious business meetings to celebrations, Teams makes it easy for us to stay always connected.

*Tools for organizing engaging and productive meetings

Meetings made for today’s teamwork: With team members in different departments, locations, and time zones, it’s hard to have effective meetings. When you schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams, it’s designed with dispersed teams in mind. The meeting is set up for audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, shared notes, and chat. When you’re on the go, join the meeting from your phone for a great meeting experience.

Engage meeting participants: By sharing the content on your device, remote attendees can follow along as if they were in the meeting room with you. Attendees can actively participate in Microsoft Teamsusing chat, an integrated digital whiteboard, and apps like Word or Trello.

Record meetings for later use: Record the Microsoft Teams meeting so people can “attend” or review the meeting later. Viewers can search for specific terms and jump directly to the right part of the recorded meeting.

*Source: Crash course in Microsoft Teams

To learn more tips on using Microsoft Teams to collaborateand work efficiently, head to our resources page and download the 'Crash Course in Microsoft Teams' ebook.

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