Revolutionizing Road Building With AI: RSG International's Partnership

February 6, 2024

RSG International is a global leader in the road safety infrastructure sector, standing out in an era where technology drives progress.

At the forefront of the road-building industry, RSG International recently embarked on an innovative journey, partnering with RedBit Development and a Queen’s University student-led club called QMind to transform the road-building industry.  

Their purpose? To harness artificial intelligence (AI) power and revolutionize the construction industry.

The AI Partner: Concept and Development

Meet the ‘AI Partner’ - a tool designed to help employees elevate, create, and understand contracts in the construction industry. The AI-driven assistant helps make more efficient bids and detailed contracts.

The goal of the AI Partner is to revolutionize proposal management in construction with its ability to streamline processes and provide precise insights that could lead to more successful bids and significantly enhance project management.

Contrary to the common fear of AI replacing human jobs, RSG International emphasizes augmentation over replacement. The AI Partner is designed to empower employees, enriching their understanding of complex documents and supporting them in their roles, especially during the crucial onboarding phase.

Mark Arteaga, Founder and President of RedBit Development, says,

“AI has all the information and data ingested. It knows which bid and proposal it needs to do or what it’s working on. Then the person putting together the proposal will ask a question.”

RedBit's Role in the AI Partner Development

RedBit Development’s relationship with RSG International is built on a shared vision of innovation and technological advancement in the construction industry.

Elliot Steele, VP of Technology at RSG International, notes,

“We’d like to show people the construction industry is creative and innovative. We want to pair our staff members across our brands with a tool they can use to accelerate the understanding of complex documents.”

This collaboration is not just a business partnership; it combines shared goals and mutual industry expertise.

Mentorship and Collaboration with Queen’s University

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project has been our collaboration with QMind, the student-led club at Queen’s University. This partnership aligns with our commitment to mentorship and developing future tech talent. “It’s a way to give back and help the next generation get real-world experience in the tech industry. As an organization, this type of partnership also allows us to recruit new talent,” says Mark Arteaga.

Marcelo Chaman Mallqui (Managing Director of Operations, QMind) says,

“Until very recently, there was a high barrier of entry to really get your hands on applied AI, especially when it’s going to be implemented in the real world. So being able to be at QMind provided these opportunities for all the members.”

Future Goals and Developments

Looking ahead, RSG International aims to deepen its roots in Canadian innovation, seeking partnerships that align with its vision for more AI involvement in the construction industry.

RedBit eagerly anticipates showcasing the AI Partner at the 2024 Canadian Undergraduate Conference on AI in Kingston, ON.

The partnership with QMind is not just about developing technology; it's about nurturing talent.

Mark Arteaga, reflects on the importance of mentorship:

"For me, the same opportunity was given to me a long time ago, and it opened many doors for me in my career."

Our Path

At RedBit Development, we're more than just software developers; we're innovators, mentors, and pioneers in integrating AI into traditional industries.

Our partnership with RSG International and Queen’s University is just one example of how we're leading the charge in AI innovation.

As we continue on this path, we remain committed to creating technology that advances industries and empowers the people within them.

If you want to read the entire press release, click here.

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