Saving Money Through Automation

July 6, 2020

Soumya Gupta and Hadia Tahir

Automation does not have to be intimidating! There. We said it. Now let us prove why!  

Automation simply means operating or controlling some process in your business or system, automatically. It is proven to reduce manual errors and free up time so you can focus on what really matters for the success of your business. Understandably, the internet can be dark and full of terrors (shout out to my Game of Thrones fans out there), but let's see if we can help you navigate automation to make your life easier using simple technology, all the while saving you money on the way.  

5 Signs you need to automate today:

  1. Current processes are too time consuming
  1. High risk of human-error (e.g. manual data entry)  
  1. Excess of repetitive tasks  
  1. Data Silos in current system
  1. Lack of real time coordination between departments  

Automation in Customer Relationship Management  

Customer relations has a lot to do with sending the right message to your consumers. Automation will not only help you ensure consistency in your brands purpose but also help you connect to your target market, making your investment worthwhile and saving from wasting funds on arbitrary, ill targeted solutions.

Here are 3 ways to automate your CRM processes:  

  1. Content Management tools: Helpful tools such as HootSuite and AirTable can help you pre-date your marketing content ensuring timely posts across all your marketing channels.
  1. Event Registrations: Instead of having to manually input attendee data and keep track of all the information (which can get exhausting for big events) using tools such as Eventbrite can save you the headache. The application automates the process and manages everything from event registration to sending reminders straight to the inboxes of your attendees.
  1. CRM: Saving the best for last. At this day and age there are powerful code free software out there that make sure your business is putting their best foot forward when connecting with your customers. Tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics help you manage your customer relations with your company. With these applications you can track relationship status, manage prospective clients as they transition to confirmed clients and make sure your customer service is up to par. These tools have the potential to eliminate the need for additional sales forces in your company, which is especially helpful for startups and small business who cannot always afford additional resources. This not only saves you money but helps you maintain growth to earn a profit for your business in the long run!

Moving to the Cloud  

Ah the cloud. It is not just a buzz word, but perhaps the next best thing you can do for your business. We cannot stress enough how useful it is to transition to the cloud for saving resources and increasing accessibility. Ever wonder why it's called the cloud? Our guess is that it's because like the sky that is always above our heads, the cloud is the space created in the sky that stores all your business data that you can look up at any time and any place.  

The increased mobility and accessibility caused by using the cloud is unmatched. The cloud allows any department of your business to store real time information and data, encouraging collaboration and correct coordination allowing your business to react and act faster according to your respective business needs. Some benefits include: elimination of data silos, real time data on the go, accessibility on the go and removal of manual processes.  

Some cloud services that RedBit trusts are Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We love Azure so much that we even wrote an article how you can further reduce your Azure spending.  

Enterprise Resource Planning  

ERP’s consist of automation that make sure your internal processes are on time and accurate. Using Enterprise systems such as Microsoft Dynamics will help with financial reporting, inventory management, human resources management and many more departmental management needs. A centralized source to manage internal process saves time and valuable spending as you remove the possibility of miscoordination and error by having a real-time information source.

3 other specific department replacing tools:
  1. Humi: Automates payroll processes, keeps track of timesheets and even lets you know when everyone’s birthday is, so you never miss out on celebrating your staff. At RedBit we love using Humi.
  1. FreshBooks: Great source for automating financial reporting.  
  1. Odoo: Great for inventory management, manufacturing and operation management.

Automating Mundane tasks  

If you ever want to get a taste of how powerful automation can be, start small by automating mundane tasks in your business.  

Here are 2 quick and easy fixes:

  1. Email automation tools: use a software that automatically replies to your consumers, so you don’t have to spend the resources tediously replying to your clientele. Mailchimp Is a great example. Or take a look at Spently, especially good for purchase receipts and other marketing emails.
  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Data entry is never fun; this tool makes sure you don’t have to spend too much time on it and bonus: it removes the human-error from manual data entry. At RedBit, we have an internal prototype for a product that will help you read physical documents and translate them to a digital to help reduce manual data entry.

Some honorable mentions for automating your business:

  • Shopify: this is the go-to platform for an al-in-one e-commerce source where you can start your business by just a few clicks. It is great in managing your e-commerce stores without the hassle or the need to create, design and launch a website on your own.
  • Power Platform: The low code and sometimes no code way to build your internal app or process flow automation
  1. PowerApps: for custom built solutions, this is the way to go. Without using code, you can use PowerApps to build applications for your specific needs.
  2. Power Automate: use this for some quick automations to get you saving time today. With Power Automate you can automate form submission replies and even data collection!
  • WebFlow: Here at RedBit, we love using WebFlow for our web platform. Not only do you not need a developer, but you can build the most beautiful, responsive website for your business and then have non-technical people manage the content by just double clicking some text and then editing it. How much easier can it get!

If this all seems like too much, it’s okay. RedBit has your back.

Code free or low code systems are easily accessible and can get you a long way. That being said, every business is unique with its own distinct challenges. It’s not always easy to identify areas that can be automated or the best tech to utilize to get that quick ROI. At times like these, a trusted tech partner is the solution. Almost like a magic lamp, you say trusted-tech-partner thrice and RedBit shall appear, ready to grant you possible solutions for your business problems. We have worked with companies across various industries to explore and analyze their business processes to find areas where technology can be used to save time and money.

2 examples of where we have worked our magic:

  1. We helped American Logistics Company, a passenger transportation management company specializing in providing low-capacity vehicles for government agencies, school districts and the healthcare industry, automate their manual communication between users into real-time tracking of their resources to efficiently deliver customer service. This solution would enable more convenient transportation of riders between their homes and client facilities. As a tech partner, we were able to identify the where the company was lacking with their manual processes and create a solution that prevented error, increased trust and reliability, all while saving money.
  1. We partnered with NexgenRX to streamline their claim submission process and make it easier for both the company and its users. With our upgraded platform, NexgenRx was able to provide a seamless submission process to its users to alleviate customer concerns, increase utilization and relieve the pressure on their call centers. With this, they were not only able to save time and money but increase their customer satisfaction evident through the improved rating on the app store.

We know we have thrown a lot of advice at you and even presented the best cases where our help guaranteed success. So, what are you waiting for? Get automating today!  

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, never fear, RedBit is here. Reach out to us today and let’s make something great together!

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