Women who inspire the women of RedBit

March 8, 2022

RedBit Team

Happy International Women's Day!

A day to celebrate the countless achievements of women all over the world.

On this special occasion, the wonderful women of RedBit think it’s a day to not only celebrate themselves but also each other as they share about their hero – the women who inspire them.

Hazel Van Der Werken
Head of Operations and Customer Success

"I have a few hero's in my life, the one's that stand out for me at this stage of my life are my friends. We seem to have hit an age when we are confronted more with illnesses, death, and general shit that life can throw at you. My friends shine. They fight on. They root for themselves. They inspire. My life is so much better for knowing them and having them be a part of my circle makes me stronger every single day."

Kerlea Joseph
Product Design

"I would say the woman who is my hero is my maternal grandmother not only because she was the first woman in her community to have a job and support her children but also because she’s never let herself become bitter and always tries her best to help others, despite the many, many ways people have mistreated her."

Megan Mitchell
Software Development

"Not an individual hero per say, but I would want to shout out the organization “Women Who Code” which I think does a great job of making tech more accessible to women around the world by providing great resources, scholarships and an awesome community."

Anja Gusev
Software Developer

"In 2017, I was inspired when Atlee Clark took the stage at Shopify Unite, visibly pregnant, and gave an excellent product launch on stage without dropping a sweat.  My own sister, who is an incredible athlete and now mother, inspires me daily as does my own mother, who is quick to laugh and makes everything look so easy. Other notable inspirational women for me are Lannie Le from Pixel Dreams for her free, curious and entrepreneurial spirit, to Hazel Van Der Werken-Small who is a daily reminder to have fun and look at the positive side of things."

Anupriya Karmakar
Marketing Lead

"Every woman is the hero of her story. Be it the CEO of an organization, a store manager, an artist, a kindergarten teacher, homemaker, mother, doctor, babysitter, or banker. I consider my mother my hero - she raised me well and never lost hope in the face of adversity. I see a hero in my mother-in-law for juggling between home, kids, in-laws and her teaching job at a school. I see a hero in my sister-in-law for quitting her job to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. A friend who bravely fought mental health, left India to start a new life in Canada is a hero to me. I look up to another friend who sold her paintings to raise funds for India during the second wave of COVID-19 last year. Cheers to every woman that I know or don't!"

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