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Web applications play a role in almost all businesses, and 9 times out of 10 they are used every day by various teams of an organization.

This also makes applications a perfect target for cyber criminals and where Application Pentesting can help your organizations.

Application Penetration Testing
(App Pen Testing) is the process of simulating a cyber attack on application systems, be it web or mobile application, to uncover vulnerabilities which cloud lead to the loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability in your corporate environment and user or customer data.

Identify Vulnerabilities

The RedBit team will help identify vulnerabilities which could include:
  • Input Validation Issues
  • Authentication Issues
  • Session Management Testing
  • Security Misconfigurations
  • Injection Flaws
  • Sensitive Data Exposures
  • Session Management Issues
  • Authorization and Access Control Issues
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) flaws
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API Security Testing

A foundational part of a modern application are Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. From transportation to insurance, APIs are a critical part of any modern mobile, SaaS and web applications.
APIs expose potentially sensitive data, and without securing APIs, organizations become vulnerable to cybercriminals and prying eyes.

Web App Security Testing

Web applications are a vital part of any modern organization and play a key role in keeping organization moving in the right direction.

RedBit’s Web App Security Testing can be used to identify vulnerabilities in applications and provide recommended remediations before they are found and exploited by cybercriminals.

Mobile App Security Testing

We live in a mobile first world, and as an organization a custom mobile application may be provided to employees to access corporate data or provided to your end customers as part of your SaaS offering.

RedBit’s mobile app security testing can be used to identify possible vulnerabilities before your corporate data or SaaS offering is exposed and at risk of losing the trust of your customers.

How It Works

RedBit performs both Black Box and White Box application penetration testing where you can expect the following process:

1. Scoping

Together we determine the scope of web applications, mobile applications, and APIs to act on.


2. Planning and Reconnaissance

RedBit team will perform online discovery of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for in scope systems using publicly available information without interacting with client.


3. Scanning & Enumeration

Vulnerability scanners and open-source tools are used to discover potential flaws and weaknesses on the application for later exploitation. The results are thoroughly reviewed to remove unwanted false positives in order to keep focus on the existing flaws.


4. Vulnerability Exploitation

This stage will be the main execution of the assessment to attempt exploitation of any discovered vulnerabilities within the in-scope applications and servers.


5. Post Exploitation Activities

With vulnerabilities identified, the team will begin wrapping up the pentest by writing a report identifying vulnerabilities and risks, recommended remediations for the issues, severity of findings and their overall risks.


6. Reporting & Executive Debrief

Wrap up the penetration test by presenting the report to executive team listing both positive and negative findings. Report is written both with technical detail for technology teams to use to remediate issues and high level to allow executive team to determine overall results.

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