Azure Security Assessments & Consulting

If you are building on Azure, you can’t afford not to make sure it’s locked down right!
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Organizations with a cloud-first mindset are gaining enormous benefits using Microsoft Azure. Choosing Microsoft Azure is a great first start for your cloud journey as Microsoft is focused on security

  • Every Second Microsoft adds hundreds of gigabytes worth of telemetry to the Intelligent Security Graph  
  • Microsoft scans 400 billion emails for malware and phishing scams each month through Office 365
  • Microsoft invests about $1,000,000,000 (billion) in cloud security each year and it’s only growing.

It's easy to get started building your software solutions on Microsoft Azure, but if you are not thinking about security from the beginning, you are at risk of exposing organization data. RedBit can:

  • Assess and visualize the security state of your resources in Azure
  • Help simplify compliance by assessing your compliance against regulatory requirements
  • Help protect cloud workloads on premises or in cloud

Partnered with Microsoft

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Azure Cloud, RedBit can run through an assessment of your Azure environment and provide a view of the current state, identify risks and provide steps to mitigate them. We help provide a full view and assessment of:

Security Monitoring

The RedBit team can assess your current security monitoring infrastructure by providing recommendations and helping your team implement best practices.


Identity and Access Management

Who has access to what resources? Does your organization have a Zero-Trust mindset? Deploy a security model that adopts to the complexity of your organizations environment with the help of RedBit.


Data Encryption

To protect your organizational data, you need to account for possible states of your data which should be encrypted at Rest and in Transit to ensure full data security and privacy.


IaaS Environments

If you manage infrastructure in the cloud, is the infrastructure secure? Is it monitored? Is it patched? Unlike PaaS, IaaS takes a bit more effort to lock down and monitor.


PaaS Environments

Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps reduce the complexity of adopting cloud but could potentially also reduce security awareness with app services, development tools, business intelligence services, database storage and more.

RedBit can help assess your current Azure cloud environment and provide recommendations to remediate discovered issues along with recommending security best practices. RedBit will also setup the right tooling to monitor your environment and be alerted of any anomalies.  

We will use a thorough assessment methodology and checklist in order to ensure Azure environments are implementing strong security and monitoring which abide by industry standards and best practices.

Azure Experts

We will leverage and review various tools available in Azure such as:
  • Security Center
  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure DDoS Protection
  • Key Vault
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Azure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Logging and monitoring tools
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