Enhancing Digital Impact: How Webflow Revolutionized Digital Moment's Website

Taking Digital Moments PHP site to Webflow


Digital Moment, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young minds with digital skills, faced challenges with their custom PHP-based website, requiring developer intervention for updates, which caused delays. To address this, our RedBit development team transitioned their website to Webflow, allowing the Digital Moment team to manage their digital presence without needing extensive technical skills. Key features included Webflow CMS for easy content updates, bilingual site creation using Webflow's localization feature, and integration of Google Analytics and SEO optimization for better visibility and engagement tracking. This migration resulted in increased speed and autonomy in updates, significant cost savings by reducing reliance on external developers, and improved capabilities to serve a diverse, bilingual community, enabling Digital Moment to focus more on their mission of educating young minds.


Webflow Site Migration


Digital Moment


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The Challenge

Digital Moment, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young minds with digital skills, faced challenges with their old website built on custom PHP. The need for developer intervention for every update led to delays in promptly updating content relevant to their community's needs.

The Solution

Our RedBit development team collaborated closely with Digital Moment to transition their websites to Webflow. This shift was strategically planned to empower the Digital Moment team with the autonomy to manage their digital presence effectively without needing extensive technical skills.

Key Features Implemented

  • Webflow CMS: Configured to allow for easy updates and management of content by the Digital Moment team.
  • Localization: Leveraged Webflow's new localization feature to create bilingual sites in English and French, broadening the reach and accessibility of their digital content.
  • SEO and Analytics: Integrated Google Analytics and optimized SEO to enhance visibility and track engagement effectively.

Impact and Benefits

The migration to Webflow provided Digital Moment with several transformative benefits:

  • Speed and Autonomy: The team can now make immediate updates, from correcting typos to adding new events, ensuring their site remains dynamic and responsive.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced reliance on external developers led to significant cost savings, which were redirected towards furthering their educational initiatives.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: With features like localization and easy-to-manage CMS from Webflow, Digital Moment was able to enhance its ability to serve a diverse, bilingual community.


This project exemplifies how Webflow's powerful platform can transform a nonprofit's digital strategy. By providing Digital Moment with the tools to manage its website independently, the charity has been able to focus more on its core mission—educating young minds and making a lasting social impact. The transition not only saved time and money for Digital Moments but also equipped them with the confidence to drive their initiatives forward with greater impact.

It was a pleasure working with RedBit. Despite the challenging five-week deadline, they seamlessly migrated our website to Webflow. Their ongoing support was crucial in launching our site and resolving any issues. The new system has greatly improved our content management, helping us focus on our mission to teach digital skills to Canadian youth

Ken Poon

Digital Advisor

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