Modernizing a Nonprofit: Kids Code Jeunesse's Webflow Journey

Kids Code Jeunesse's PHP to Webflow Transition


Kids Code Jeunesse, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching digital skills to Canadian youth, struggled with a cumbersome PHP website. To resolve this, our team at RedBit migrated their site to Webflow, allowing their marketing team to manage content independently. Key features included Webflow CMS for easy updates, user empowerment through training, and streamlined processes for cost and time efficiency. This transition enabled swift content management, bilingual accessibility, and resource reinvestment into educational programs, empowering Kids Code Jeunesse to better engage with their community and advance digital literacy across Canada.


PHP Website to Webflow


Kids Code Jeunesse


Webflow Design and Development, CMS Configuration



The Challenge

Kids Code Jeunesse, a nonprofit focused on teaching digital skills to Canadian youth, struggled with a custom PHP website that was cumbersome and slow to update, hindering their ability to rapidly adapt and share educational content.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our team at RedBit chose to migrate Kids Code Jeunesse’s website from the restrictive PHP environment to the more versatile and user-friendly Webflow platform. This transition was essential to enable the Kids Code Jeunesse’s marketing team to independently manage and update their site, aligning with their need for quick content turnaround and reduced dependency on technical staff.

Key Features Implemented:

  • Webflow CMS: Enabled KCJ to easily publish and manage content, including blog posts, educational programs, and community highlights without technical assistance.
  • User Empowerment: Trained the KCJ team to use Webflow, ensuring they are autonomous in handling site management, updates, and troubleshooting.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Streamlined website management processes, significantly cutting down time and costs associated with content updates and site maintenance.

Impact and Benefits

The migration to Webflow empowered Kids Code Jeunesse in several impactful ways:

  • Independent Content Management: By using Webflow, Kids Code Jeunesse gained the ability to independently manage and update their website’s content. This independence from coding and technical constraints meant that updates such as new program announcements, blog posts, and event details could be published swiftly without needing developer support.
  • Bilingual Accessibility With Localization: Leveraging Webflow’s Localization feature, Kids Code Jeunesse’s website now supports both English and French, reflecting Canada’s bilingual heritage and ensuring that the platform is accessible to a wider audience. This ensures that Canadian children have access to digital literacy resources in their preferred language.
  • Resource Reinvestment: Savings from reduced development costs were redirected into expanding their educational programs and outreach efforts.


The integration of Webflow into Kids Code Jeunesse's digital strategy marks a pivotal advancement in their mission to foster digital literacy across Canada.

By adopting this powerful, user-friendly platform, Kids Code Jeunesse has achieved significant operational autonomy, enabling swift updates and real-time content management without the need for specialized technical skills.

This shift not only streamlines their internal processes but also enhances their ability to engage with a bilingual audience effectively through the localization features.

As a result, Kids Code Jeunesse is better positioned to adapt to the fast-evolving educational landscape and meet the diverse needs of their community.

Working with the RedBit team was an outstanding experience. They completed our website transition to Webflow within an extremely tight five-week deadline. Their constant support and guidance have empowered our team to manage our digital presence more efficiently. We are thrilled with the results and the professional collaboration. Looking forward to continuing to working with RedBit.

Indra Kubicek


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