Evan Supply Website Refresh

Evans Supply Website Refresh


Evans Supply represents one the three largest and most experienced water product manufacturers in North America. Their small specialist team works to install hardware, train teams and run diagnostics on systems in Ontario. Evan's Supply was struggling to refresh and unresponsive website, and concentrating more on service. To build a website that made it easy to get in contact with a representative, we collaborated with the Evans Supply team. Each page was treated as a landing page with the main objective of getting users to reach out and get the answers they need.


Evan Supply Website Refresh


Evan Supply Website Refresh


Webflow, Sketch, HTML, CSS, Javascript



Company Background

Evans Supply Limited has been serving municipalities and working with commercial and residential clients for years. They represent three of the largest and most experienced water product manufacturers in North America - Kupferle, Ford Meter Box, and Neptune - as well as providing their own Specialty Products. Their small team of experts works throughout Ontario to install hardware, train teams, and run diagnostics on systems.


As standards, best practices, and user needs change websites need to keep up to date to stay competitive. The Evans Supply Team recognized that it was time to refresh their website to make it easier for their users to contact them about specific products - using whichever device they have available. In addition to this, updates needed to be made to Evans Supply's services, all while keeping a focus on encouraging users to reach out to a representative.

"Their contracts are clear, concise, on-time, and on-budget with no surprises! Evan Supply Limited will definitely partner with RedBit again." -Ed Bertolo, President Evans Supply Limited


The RedBit team worked with Evans Supply Limited to understand what was working with their existing site and then to identify opportunities for enhancements. When the team understood what was needed RedBit got to work attacking the challenges.

The RedBit team worked through the existing Information Architecture and reorganized some elements to put a greater focus on the services sections. While the products are still the most important on the site, services now had a spotlight in the top level navigation as well as some prime real-estate on the updated home page. Once the overall Information Architecture was updated, the services pages were restructured to focus on converting users with the Contact Form. Each services page was created to act as its own landing page.

The products pages on the website were not the typical online-store - but acted more like a catalogue. A dynamic layout allows the Evans Supply team to add manuals or downloadable PDFs to a product easily without having to fiddle around with layouts.  Manufacturer content is added to each products page using Nested Collections (a Webflow Feature) to keep things consistent and easy to update. Following with the logic of the services pages each product acts as its own landing page with a focus on the contact form which dynamically alerts the Evans Supply team about which product the user is interested in.

We have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the RedBit team twice in the last six years and both times they have exceeded our expectations. They took the time to understand our business direction and custom tailored their solution to fit our needs perfectly. 

Ed Bertolo

President Evan Supply Limited

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