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BGRS is a talent mobility management company providing corporate relocation services to global organizations and the governments of the United States and Canada. Headquartered in the United States with more than 1,500 employees across six continents, BGRS partners with clients to design mobility programs that empower them to attract, retain and develop high performing employees.

To help keep pace with rapidly changing customer needs, BGRS commissioned RedBit to build its BGRS MoveXpert mobile application . With this app in place, employees of BGRS clients have a convenient and accessible way to find and request relocation assistance from a wide selection of approved service providers, manage and track relocation-related costs, and organize and plan their move to a new residential location.






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BGRS assists companies in relocating their employees by disbursing money for employees to use over the course of their move. Until recently, the process was paper-based and often required the assistance of a live agent. Employees would have to manually track expenses incurred during the move and report them once the move was complete

The paper-based system was slow, inefficient and prone to errors. It was also difficult to scale, especially in the case of companies that relocated large numbers of employees within a given period of time. BGRS needed the ability for both employees and companies to reliably track relocation expenses, while also making it convenient to move.


To meet these requirements, BGRS worked with a team from RedBit Development to design and build a mobile app for use by the employees of BGRS client companies all over the world.

Through the MoveXpert app, employees could select from a list of over 8,000 pre-approved suppliers and their rates, with the option of adding their own. The supplier expenses are tracked by the application and compared against the remaining allocated budget via an integrated reporting tool.

The MoveXpert app allows end users to create their own list of tasks and track them, or use pre-configured task lists to help make their move smoother. The app includes an “explore location” feature that allows employees to learn more about where they’re moving, providing information on demographics, the local economy, and nearby public services like schools.

Impact and Benefits

Easier financial tracking

BGRS customers are now able to leverage MoveXpert ’s robust expense tracking functionality to service the needs of both individual employees and corporate management.

Employees can accurately track relocation expenses and keep an eye on their budget limit, easing some of the emotional burden associated with moving.

Company management, for its part, can use the built-in reporting tools to get a quick picture of their workforce’s relocation financial status, whether at the macro or micro level.

Reduced development costs

RedBit successfully reduced development costs and simplified project management worfklow across the entire project. Part of this is due to their expertise in Xamarin, which allowed a single RedBit team to build both Android and iOS versions of the app in tandem. These savings were also applied to post-project maintenance, as the RedBit team only had to work on one code base to update two separate versions of the app.

Reduced development costs

The MoveXpert app was built by the RedBit team, using Xamarin’s cross-platform development software, for Android and iOS. As one of the only experienced Xamarin software developers in Canada, RedBit delivered a fully-functional app to market within four months.

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